Dev Workflow with AI

A colorful drawing of people getting on and off a boat.

AI is about empowering your workflow, not about taking over your work. Let’s take this blog to look at that statement. “Empowering your workflow” means that AI augments your abilities. It means we can focus on the code that only we can write and let AI deal with the boilerplate code. It’s about using tools to speed up onboarding and setup. Finally, it’s about moving the security needle towards the developer.

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Build 2023

A colorful view of the Seattle skyline

It’s that time of year. The most wonderful time of year. The time of year for Microsoft’s Build developer conference. This year was the rising of the computers. That is the emergence of the age of AI is upon us and peeking behind the curtains of copilots that have been dropped on us we find OpenAI’s ChatGPT plastered across everything. I’d say I’ve done a good job of a avoiding it up to now by not reporting on all the copilot type announcements. This cannot be avoided any longer. AI is here and it’s time we have a frank conversation about it.

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An AI Wake Up Call

The search bar next to the Start menu.
Yesterday Moment 2 was released and I wrote a large post about it. This update to Windows 11 was a large feature update and came with numerous changes to our familiar Windows 11. From Phone Link to Studio Effects there was a lot in this release. But waking up this morning, the Kool-Aid had worn off a bit, and I was searching for deeper meaning in the announcement. The iPhone Phone Link is only for a select few “Cool Kids” right now, and the Studio Effects are really only special if you have an NPU on your computer.
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The Moment is Here

New AI Powered Bing Search on Desktop
Today my favorite C-suite person at Microsoft announced the release of a new Moment for Windows 11. In a blog post Panos Panay (Chief Product Officer) announced a release for Windows 11 that is coming about 8 months early. Typically feature releases come out in October, but this isn’t a feature release, it’s a “Moment.” What’s the difference and what’s included? Well I’m glad you asked. Read on to learn more.
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New Bing in New Places

New Bing in New Places - Image show Bing, Edge, and Skype logos
The new AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge has come a long way in the past month. A lot has been said about this new technology in the press and although I’ve stayed out of it until now, it isn’t because I don’t like the tech. There is just so much to say about this topic that I think it deserves a long post of it’s own (or maybe a YouTube video).
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