Phone Link iPhone Link is Here!

Phone Link now allows you to link an iPhone.
On February 28th Microsoft announced the Moment 2 release. Part of that Moment was an announcement that Phone Link would work with iPhone. At the time only a small select group of people had access to it, and that made me sad. But today they widened the net and I (along with all the insiders) got access to it. As soon as that button appeared on the connect page I clicked on it and scanned the QR Code.
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The Moment is Here

New AI Powered Bing Search on Desktop
Today my favorite C-suite person at Microsoft announced the release of a new Moment for Windows 11. In a blog post Panos Panay (Chief Product Officer) announced a release for Windows 11 that is coming about 8 months early. Typically feature releases come out in October, but this isn’t a feature release, it’s a “Moment.” What’s the difference and what’s included? Well I’m glad you asked. Read on to learn more.
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